Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Live in the Studio

The Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) continues its live TV appreciation program Live in the Studio throughout August and September.

On the last Thursday of every month, ACMI's Studio 1 becomes a hub for TV enthusiasts to celebrate the finer points of the tube - a place to indulge your love of the small screen.

The series presents industry experts and luminaries, academics, aficionados and pop-culture sovereigns for a series of live talks, screenings and performances that revel in TV past and present.

Thu 26 Aug 2010, 7pm
rage with Guest Programmer John Safran
Unclassified 15+

Each weekend since the late 1980s, thousands have stayed up late, gotten up early or fallen asleep to the flicker of rage in the wee hours.

Take an insider's look at this iconic ABC TV show with producer/programmer team Sophie Zoellner and Madeline Palmer, award-winning music video director Sarah-Jane Woulahan, and recent guest programmer, comedian and documentarian John Safran.

See behind-the-scenes footage, hilarious guest-programmer highlights, never-before-seen clips and all the rare and retro music videos you've come to expect from rage.

Thu 30 Sep 2010, 7pm
Welcome to Deadwood
Unclassified 15+

".a hell of a place to make your fortune."

Violence, sex, wheeling and dealing, and enough f-words to make the toughest ear wince - HBO's TV drama Deadwood, set in the American West, lays it all on the table.

The story begins two weeks after Custer's defeat at Little Big Horn, the richest gold strike in American History. Located in the Black Hills Indian Cession, the "town" of
Deadwood is an illegal settlement, a violent and uncivilized outpost that attracts a throng of restless misfits looking to get rich - from outlaws and entrepreneurs to ex-soldiers and racketeers, Chinese labourers, prostitutes, city dudes and gunfighters.

Join the La Trobe Cinema Studies panel of Terrie Waddell, Rolando Caputo and Gabrielle Murray as they explore the show that intertwines historical misfits with 'colourful' fictional characters in a ruthless, lawless town.

Venue: Studio 1, ACMI
Tickets: Full $14 Concession $11
Duration: 1.5 hours

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