Friday, 15 January 2010

Live in the Studio

The Australian Centre for the Moving Image restarts its live TV-appreciation program Live in the Studio on Thursday 25 February 2010.

The series presents industry experts and luminaries, academics, aficionados and pop-culture sovereigns for a series of live talks, screenings and performances that revel in TV past and present.

On the last Thursday of February and March, ACMI's Studio 1 becomes a hub for TV enthusiasts to celebrate the finer points of the tube - a place to indulge your love of the small screen.

Thu 25 Feb 2010, 7pm
Dead Set: Zombie TV
Unclassified 15+
With Dr Saige Walton

Zombies used to exist in a world far beyond the realm of our mortal existence. If they walked the Earth at all, they inhabited some spooky graveyard at night. These days, the graveyard and the shuffling gait are gone. The dead and the undead alike are most definitely amongst us: zombies invade the Big Brother House (Dead Set), return from the dead to work at the local pie shop (Pushing Daisies) and trapped souls swap sarcastic witticism over waffles (Dead Like Me). Even the beautiful brainwashed sex-bots of Joss Whedon's Dollhouse show us how you don't have to be decaying corpse to be a zombie as well.

Join Dr Saige Walton (The University of Melbourne and ACMI) and Associate Professor Angela Ndalianis (The University of Melbourne), Alexandra Heller-Nicholas (Latrobe University) and Martyn Pedler (The University of Melbourne and film critic for Triple J's jmag) for a discussion of all kinds of end of-the-world scenarios and how the regular dead and undead alike are portrayed on the box.

Thu 25 Mar 2010, 7pm
Loveable Murders
Unclassified 15+
With Martyn Pedler

"It's a hell of a thing, killing a man. Take away all he's got and all he's ever gonna have." So Clint Eastwood drawled in Unforgiven. So why do we open our hearts to Dexter Morgan as he butchers another victim and winks at the camera?

Join writer and pop-culture critic Martyn Pedler for a look film and television's loveable monsters, maniacs and killers. From Watchmen's creepy Rorschach to gruff ol' Tony Soprano and everyone's favourite heroic torturer, 24's Jack Bauer, Pedler asks how it is that the Dexters of popular culture make us overlook their obvious psychological deficiencies and love them - blood splatters and all.

All sessions:
Venue:  Studio 1, ACMI, Federation Square
Tickets:  Full $13 Concession $10
Duration: 90 minutes

Further information

Samatha Chater
Communications Coordinator
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