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Warhol Superstars on Film

warhol superstars on film
Warhol Superstars on Film
"In the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes." - Andy Warhol

This October in collaboration with the 2009 Melbourne Festival, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) presents Warhol Superstars on Film. The clique of New York City personalities promoted by Andy Warhol, known as the Warhol Superstars, helped him generate publicity in exchange for fame and attention. This film program captures the world of Warhol, his Superstars, the sexual revolution and sixties counterculture.

To open the season is the queen of the French New Wave, Agnès Varda's classic and cool 'film within a film' Lion's Love (1969). Starring independent filmmakers Shirley Clarke and Peter Bogdonovich, musician Jim Morrison, co-authors of legendary rock musical Hair, James Rado and Gerome Ragni, Lion's Love is an improvisational-style film that centres on a group of filmmakers (playing themselves) as they try to make a movie using some of the stars of Warhol's Factory scene.

Emerging from the Parisian bohemia of the 60's, experimental video artist Michael Auder fell into the Warhol scene and fell in love with Warhol Superstar Viva. In Chelsea Girls with Andy Warhol 1971-1976 (1994) Auder gets up close and personal, capturing Warhol at work and play, including scenes of the opening reception of his 1970 retrospective at The Whitney and a party at John and Yoko's. The film begins with a lengthy telephone conversation between Warhol and his Superstars, actress and writer Viva and artist Brigid Polk.

Screening only once on Friday the 16th is the Australian Premiere of Auder's latest collaboration with emerging filmmaker Andrew Neel: a documentary narrative feature, cheekily called The Feature (2008). Taken from about 5,000 hours of footage from over 40 years of Auder's life, the film takes a closer look inside the artist's world and his marriages to the out-of-control Viva and the introverted Cindy Sherman. Auder's Warhol-inspired 'let the camera roll' aesthetic shot on video is a stark and beautiful contrast to Neel's supplementary footage shot in crisp high definition. Memoirs, travelogues and portraits of Auder's contemporaries from the art and pop worlds including Warhol, famed portraitist Alice Neel (the co-director's grandmother), visionary animator Harry Smith as well as Viva and Cindy Sherman are interwoven with hyper-cinematic scenes and we are taken on a journey of reimagining Auder's fascinating life. The NY Times has called it "a beautiful, beguiling movie".

Courtesy of the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), ACMI closes the Warhol Superstars on Film season with Warhol's homage to the Velvet Underground, The Velvet Underground and Nico: A Symphony of Sound (1966). Warhol's classic music documentary has been described by critics as "eternally chic". According to biographer Victor Bockris, who has written about Lou Reed (and The Velvet Underground), Warhol, Keith Richards, William S. Burroughs, Terry Southern, Blondie, Patti Smith, and Muhammad Ali, the film "remains the single best visual record of the Velvet Underground".

Warhol Superstars on Film runs from Thursday 15 October - Sunday 18 October at ACMI. 

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