Melbourne Writers Festival Where stories meet

the boy in the striped pyjamas
The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
Friday 21 August - Sunday 30th August 2009

The Melbourne Writers Festival (MWF) is a ten-day event where over 300 writers from around the world share their stories. It includes a series of masterclasses, workshops and seminars for writers plus educational events for schools.

Film program

The MWF is proud to present a selection of literary adaptations that is by turns inspiring, amusing and thought-provoking. And, as a special treat, three of the writers themselves will personally introduce 'their' films.

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The Reader with Bernhard Schlink

A teenage boy has an affair with an older woman who is later tried for Nazi crimes.

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas with John Boyne

Follows an unlikely friendship between the son of a Nazi commandant and a Jewish boy.

The Leopard (Il gattopardo)

This award-winning film offers a vibrant view of Sicilian life during Italian unification.

Life is Beautiful (La vita è bella)

A piognant account of an Italian Jew struggling to protect his son in a Nazi concentration camp.

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