10th Birthday Memories Card

Leave us a message for our 10th Birthday and read what others have to say.

Messages Received:

Rachel Oct 5, 2012
Giving my son, the budding animator, an extraordinary insight into the genius of Tim Burton's amazing imagination!

ArohaOct 5, 2012
Happy Birthday! ONLY 10 years? Funny, ACMI seem such an institution. ACMI are fabulous because there is always something for everybody to experience, bringing a sense of the 'magical' into our lives.

Michelle Oct 5, 2012
Arm-twisting Cinematic Madness Infinitum. Happy tenth and thank you for making my 8 years (so far) in Australia completely magical!

The Opera Boys Oct 12, 2012
Being film arts and culture reviewers for 20 years+ we recommend ACMI as a valuable resource and home for art film signed Lionel Curtis Fry and Antony Shepherd a.k.a. Theoperaboys.

Carmen Oct 25, 2012
ACMI, Happy 10th Birthday! You continue to respond to everyone's needs, eg. films from the past, present and future and you do it SO WELL! Please don't stop!

Helen Oct 26, 2012
ACMI invites you to explore exhibitions, view films and be treated to a wealth of learning and entertainment. Happy Birthday and thank you for the past 10 years. I look forward to celebrating many more with you!

Genevieve Oct 26, 2012
Love it, have taken my children and many friends for visits over these ten years. I've also taken adult ESL learners to stimulate conversation and be engrossed in the stories of Australia. ACMI is a wonderful addition to the fabric of what makes Melbourne great. Well done! Happy Birthday!

Margaret Oct 26, 2012
ACMI is an absolutely fantastic treasure! Viva ACMI!

Helen Oct 26, 2012
ACMI is my regular cinema. I love how they program films from all over the world as well as themed events, and dip into the archives for excellent Australian films from any era. To me it is the Melbourne home of all things cinema and a very special place.

Grace Oct 26, 2012
Very enjoyalable movies each fortnight.

Helen Oct 26, 2012
Happy 10th Birthday ACMI! You have given me an insightful love of film that I never thought possible, so many happy returns and here's to a continuation of all your great work!

Katharina Oct 29, 2012
Happy 10th Birthday ACMI. You have been a constant inspiration and mentor for me as a 66 year old retiree beginning a career in filmmaking. Congratulations for world class exhibitions and your work with Community stories.You spread joy into unimaginable places.

Ho See Nov 5, 2012
An inspiring institution with experiences for people from around the world.

Val Nov 9, 2012
A great opportunity to enjoy the many genres of art that I otherwise would not be able to. Thank you!

Bill Nov 12, 2012
ACMI is a wonderful resource enjoyed by an audience from children to the elderly. Hopefully our wonderful film collection will be made available for all to see. Proud to have been a part of the group who processed these films over the past 12 years.

Joanne Nov 12, 2012
ACMI is top class entertainment and a treasure trove of, and for, history.

Sophie Nov 13, 2012
One of our favourite spaces in Melbourne. In the last few months we have been to a gaming exhibition, watched the history of film, fell in love with the live band space, laughed with Dan Sultan and watched Cinémathèque as an addicted cinephile would. ACMI is somewhere we can be creative and be inspired by others through innovation in the arts, film and digital culture. ACMI rocks!

Graeme Nov 15, 2012
ACMI is a great source of entertainment and enjoyment.

Murray Nov 16, 2012
ACMI is the 16mm film prospect where, as a volunteer for over 10 years, I have watched hundreds of films from the silent era of Hollywood to modern blockbusters. A wonderful experience.

Teresa Nov 19, 2012
ACMI is a favourite place for our family to get together to discover new and old treasures of our culture.

Michelle Nov 20, 2012
ACMI is so many things to so many people, but to everyone, it's amazing.

Lynette Nov 20, 2012
ACMI is an affordable opportunity to access particular shows.

Heather Nov 22, 2012
ACMI is a very pleasant Sunday morning at the pictures with some unusual ones not shown at commercial picture theatres. Great! xxxx

Jan Nov 26, 2012
ACMI is a lifeline. Every fortnight my package of 6 films comes from Collections via the local library to my home in the bush.

Helen Nov 27, 2012
ACMI has enhanced people's lives with culture and diversity. I feel like I'm being transported into other cities and eras through movies screened at the ACMI Cinemas. Keep on advancing ACMI and Happy 10th Birthday.....Congratulations, Well done!!

Jenni Nov 27, 2012
ACMI is a place of wonder, imagination, history, present and future. It is a creative haven, a juggernaut of potential, inspiration infinite. Happy birthday to a vital part of Australian arts and culture! May you have many more years of entertaining and informing us.

Donald Nov 27, 2012
ACMI is right before my eyes!

Barbara Nov 29, 2012
ACMI is an important past of the cultural life in our beloved city!

Ian Dec 5, 2012
ACMI is a great way to chase up movies you missed at a special price with other retirees. Great work.

Jim Dec 19, 2012
A very multicultural and cultural organisation which provides great interest for the many visitors of ACMI.

Jay Jan 11, 2013
Congratulations - ACMI is so much more open and easy to access these days - some great exhibitions over the years. Kentridge and Kubrick are standouts for me.

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