mera pati ho to aisa (love him or hate him)

Ashok Chavali, 115 mins, Australia, 2008, Hindi without subtitles

mera pati ho to aisa
Mera Pati Ho To Aisa

This is not a love story ... for heaven's sake!

The first Australian film to be made in Hindi, Mera Pati Ho To Aisa is a drama about four Indian families living in Australia, and the conflicts within and between them.

Vikram and Adarsh are the best of friends. But when Vikram realises there may be something going on between his wife Pooja and Adarsh, the friendship is suddenly on shaky ground. Vikram's father Rudra adds fuel to the fire, as he sees his daughter-in-law heading out with Adarsh. At the same time, Vikram sees his daughter Tata talking with a boy.

The tension builds between the families. Where can such tension lead? Who are the other players in this drama? What will happen? All the film's director Ashok Chavali will reveal, is that the ending will be 'unexpected'...

Please note, Mera Pati Ho To Aisa is filmed in Hindi and screened without subtitles.

Dates   Sun 20 July 2008, 3.30pm
No Longer Available
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