melbourne latin american film festival 2009

mlaff 2009: a paper tiger
A Paper Tiger
Eclectic and daring, the Melbourne Latin American Film Festival brings together a mix of the best features, documentaries and shorts of contemporary Latin American film.

This year, the festival's diverse, exciting program features thirteen films, from nine countries, screening over five days.

Presented by Melbourne Filmoteca

Thursday 26 February - Monday 2 March 2009
Full $14 Concession $11 (unless otherwise indicated)
5 Session Package: Full $60 Concession $45
NB > 5 Session Packages can only be purchased by phone (03 8663 2583) or in person at the ACMI Box Office. All sessions must be selected at time of booking.
For more information:

the year of the nail (año uña)

The opening night film is Jonas Cuarón's acclaimed debut, a coming-of-age drama comprised entirely of still images - followed by a Fiesta!


From young Mexican directors Laura Guzmán and Israel Cardenas', a dramatic meditation on the value of culture and the cost of progress.

the mugger (el asaltante)

From up-and-coming Argentinian director Pablo Fendrick, this drama follows a man about to execute a long-held plan. Screens with Hoy No Estoy.

the women of brukman (les femmes de la brukman)

Documentary maker Isaac Isitan follows the takeover of a Buenos Aires clothing factory by its workers after the 2001 economic collapse.

fiesta patria

The ghosts of Chile's Pinochet-era history, in the guise of family secrets, come back to haunt two families in Luis Vera's provocative allegory.

cumbia connection (cumbia callera)

Who needs dialogue when you can say it with music? René Villareal's sexy, stylish musical romance will be followed by the Cumbia Cosmonauts, live!

faggots (maricones)

A beautifully textured documentary from Peru about growing up gay in a country torn by years of political and civil turmoil. Screens with Cimarrones.

seven instants (siete instantes)

Seven women from the Tupamaros, the '60s Uruguayan guerrilla movement, remember their battle for social justice.

wood & stock: sexo, orégano e rock 'n roll

This animation about refugees from Brazil's flower power decade was a hit at Cinema Brazil '08. Screens with Mauro Shampoo, plus after party with DJs!

tango or death (orquesta tipica)

Nicolas Entel's film centres on an orchestra of twelve young rockers who play tango music guerrilla-style, on the streets of Buenos Aires.

a paper tiger (un tigre de papel)

Taking artist Pedro Manrique Figueroa's life and work as a pretext, Luis Ospina journeys through Colombian history from 1934 to 1981.

super amigos

Social justice in Mexico has a new mask - five real-life super heroes have taken their battle to the streets. Plus after party in the ACMI Lounge!

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