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Seventeen feature films were in contention for an AFI Awards for Best Film, many of them heading for future classic status. Now it's down to four: Little Fish, Look Both Ways, Oyster Farmer and The Proposition. Attend this marathon screening day, hosted by the AFI and ACMI, to ensure that you can say "I told you so!" on the film industry's night of nights.

 image from oyster farmer
Oyster Farmer
Thu 24 Nov, 1pm 
Oyster Farmer MA15+
Anna Reeves, Australia, 2004, 90 mins, 35mm, Courtesy: Dendy Films 
Oyster Farmer is the story of Jack Flange, an enterprising young man who robs a fish market and mails the cash to a secluded, close-knit community of oyster farmers. When the parcel goes missing, and the police start coming around, he suspects the precious package was found by one of his neighbours, a local beauty named Pearl, to whom he becomes irresistibly attracted. Filmed along Australia's breathtakingly beautiful Hawkesbury River, Anna Reeves' deliciously surprising Oyster Farmer is a comedy about love, community and freshly shucked oysters. Stars Alex O'Lachlan, David Field, Kerry Armstrong, Diana Glenn

 image from look both ways
Look Both Ways
Thu 24 Nov, 3pm
Look Both Ways M
Sarah Watt, Australia, 2005, 100 mins, 35mm, Courtesy: Dendy Films
Meryl imagines disaster coming from every direction - train crashes, man-eating sharks, baby-eating killer whales. and then there's Nick. A testament to the life-affirming power of love, Look Both Ways follows four people over one weekend, as they each grapple with messy, life-changing news and wonder whether the hand that fate has dealt them is deserved. Stars: William McInnes, Justine Clarke

 image from little fish
Little Fish
Thu 24 Nov, 5pm
Little Fish MA15+
Rowan Woods, Australia, 2005, 114 mins, 35mm, Courtesy: Icon Film Distribution
After four years of treading water and redeeming herself in the eyes of her hard-working single mother, Tracy Heart has set herself the humble goal of owning her own business. But the unexpected return of her ex-boyfriend Jonny, the criminal aspirations of her brother Ray, and the emotional draw of troubled family friend and ex-footy star Lionel Dawson, creates friction for Tracy. Her dream soon becomes tangled with criminal boss Bradley "The Jockey" Thompson, with shattering consequences. As a result, Tracy's bond of trust with her mother is tested and she has to confront her fears to find happiness. Stars: Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving

 image from the proposition
The Proposition
Thu 24 Nov, 7.30pm
The Proposition MA15+
John Hillcoat, Australia, 2005, 104 mins, 35mm, Courtesy: Sony Pictures Releasing
Set in the 1880's, The Proposition opens in the middle of a frenzied gunfight between the police and a gang of outlaws. Charlie Burns and his brother, Mikey are captured by Captain Stanley. Together with their psychopathic brother Arthur, they are wanted for a brutal crime. Stanley makes Charlie a seemingly impossible proposition in an attempt to bring an end to the cycle of bloody violence. Stars: Guy Pierce, Ray Winstone, Danny Huston, Emily Watson

Dates   Thu 24 Nov 2005
Admission   Full $13  Concession $10
Seniors $5
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