the network is the artwork

Since the World Wide Web emerged, many have predicted great things for network art - envisaging it as a mass connectivity that would itself result in a new type of creatively distributed consciousness. Through interactivity, hypertexuality and connectivity the network is certainly defining a new territory for art - one of open systems, multiple voices and distributed knowledge - but what is still to come?

Adrian Miles, Lisa Gye, Troy Innocent, Rebecca Cannon and Adam Nash discuss networked art - its code, its lag, its communities and its new paradigms for exhibition. Who is the author of networked art, who are the audiences and where is the work situated? Do we want it in the gallery? Does it want to be there?
Dates   Wednesday 18 August 2004, 7pm
Admission   Free
  • part of 2004 networked program
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  • part of 2004: australian culture now
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