northern void australian premiere of a new live cinema performance

Directed by Philip Brophy, live score performed by Ph2 (Philip Brophy and Philip Samartzis)
image from northern void
Northern Void
Northern Void offers a glimpse of what the suburbs will be like in the future.

Taking a three kilometre strip of Preston as an emblematic environment of how life currently exists, Northern Void transforms this locale into a gradually decaying dystopia of everyday collapse.

The video is divided into three sections - The Present (2013), The Future (2085) and The Post-Future (3079).

In The Future, sallow youth wait listlessly for trams that never come. Their skin glows grey despite darkened skies and billowing rainless clouds. Barren clay-infested earth surrounds decayed High Street shop facades. Scarred, ravaged, traumatized - yet strangely innocent, these youth appear to have stepped straight out of a bombed hospital ward.

In the Post-Future, they linger still: shimmering ghosts of the Australia that never came.

Devoid of dialogue and foregrounding a mix of landscape and portraiture, Northern Void visually merges the hyper-banality of Northern urban peripheries with a foreboding quasi-futurism. Evoking 1950s Russian sci-fi and the suburban dystopia depicted in many Japanese manga, Northern Void paints the future Western landscape as mired in an all-too-familiar present.

Dates   Sat 17 Feb 2007, 7.30pm
Sun 18 Feb 2007, 5pm
No Longer Available
Presented by Spatial Drift. Supported by the City of Melbourne, Film Victoria, Australian Centre for the Moving Image and RMIT University.
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