End of the Rainbow

Robert Nugent, 83 mins, Australia/France, 2007, digi beta, English, French and Malinke with English subtitles. Courtesy: Looking Glass Pictures

end of the rainbow
End of the Rainbow

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Winner of the First Appearances Award at the 2007 International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam (a first for an Australian), this observational documentary follows the relocation of gold mining operations from Indonesia to a remote area of Guinea in West Africa.

End of the Rainbow takes a snapshot of globalised economies and the expatriate communities who follow them to focus on the human stories behind the politics.

Featuring a soundtrack of traditional West African music, this is a sobering film for a country reliant on its natural resources.

Read the filmmaker notes by director Robert Nugent

Dates   Sat 18 Oct 2008, 4pm
No Longer Available
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