Frontline + Chile: Hasta cuando?


David Bradbury, 54 mins, Australia, 1979, 16mm, Source/Courtesy: Frontline films

David Bradbury's Academy Award-nominated documentary is an account of the Vietnam War as seen through the lens of Australian journalist Neil Davis. Working mostly on his own, Davis risked his life countless times in his quest to deliver an unbiased account of this devastating conflict.

Having spent 11 years on the frontline, Davis was able to bring the world shocking footage and testimonies of this ongoing human tragedy. Bradbury's unflinching account of this man's life and work (Davis sadly lost his life in a military coup in Bangkok in 1985) becomes a testament to the ethics and power of journalism.
Chile: Hasta cuando?
David Bradbury, 56mins, Australia, 1986, 16mm, Source/Courtesy: Frontline films

Covering a 12 year period between 1973 and 1985, David Bradbury's Academy Award nominated documentary traces life in Chile under the brutal dictatorship of General Augustus Pinochet, who seized power during a bloody US-backed military coup. The takeover left Marxist president Salvador Allende dead and 50,000 Chileans detained, missing, or believed dead.

Made in secrecy over a three year period, Bradbury and his camera crew travelled to Chile under the guise of filming a music festival. What he revealed was a country torn apart by political unrest, indiscriminate arrests, murder, torture and civilian disappearances.

The question asked is hasta cuando? (when will it end?). Miraculously, Pinochet faces dissent. Aside from the growing call to demonstrate on the streets, Bradbury records the many stirring Chilean protest songs that signal hope.

Dates   Sat 28 Apr 2012, 4pm
    No Longer Available
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