The Heartbreak Kid

MA 15+
Michael Jenkins, 97 mins, Australia, 1993, 35mm, English and Greek with English subtitles. Source: National Film and Sound Archive of Australia

the heartbreak kid
The Heartbreak Kid
Alex Dimitriades burns up the screen in his feature film debut. When high school teacher Christine (Claudia Karvan) falls for the charms of 17-year-old student Alex (Dimitriades) all hell breaks loose.

Skillfully adapted from Richard Barrett's play, the film presents a vision of a multicultural Australia that was, at the time, rarely captured in feature films.

A box office success upon its release, the film featured many prominent actors, including Steve Bastoni and William McInnes, and led to the popular spin-off television series Heartbreak High.

Dates   Sat 2 Aug 2008, 4pm
No Longer Available
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