The Naked Bunyip

John B. Murray, 136 mins, Australia, 1970, 35mm. Print courtesy of the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia

the naked bunyip
The Naked Bunyip
In his first feature film, Graeme Blundell stars as an innocent young market researcher assigned to report on sex. In this raucous documentary he gets up close and personal - but too personal in fact for the censors of the time who demanded cuts to the film.

Rather than remove the offending footage, however, Murray instead inserted bunyip caricatures and bleeps over the objectionable segments, infuriating the censors but making a bold statement about censorship.

With a guest appearance by Barry Humphries (amongst many other prominent Australians) The Naked Bunyip helped to revive the Australian film industry. Followed by a panel discussion hosted by the Australian Film Critics Association.

Read the filmmaker notes by John B. Murray

Dates   Sat 20 Sep 2008, 4pm
No Longer Available
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