Phillip Noyce, 110 mins, Australia, 1978, 35mm. Source: The National Film and Sound Archive of Australia - The Kodak/Atlab Collection. Courtesy: Western Pacific Films.

As Australia shifts into the post-war late 1940s, newsreel cameramen and brothers Len (Bill Hunter) and Frank (Gerard Kennedy) Maguire are professional rivals. Into the 1950s, through the Menzies government, Cold War anti-communism and deepening American cultural imperialism, Len and Frank become rivals in romance and also over the values they believe make up Australia.

Based loosely on the career of real life Australian cinematographer Ross Wood, Newsfront saw the second of Hunter's two breakthrough performances for director Phillip Noyce. His portrayal of Len was seen as his one genuine lead role and possibly his career-best performance. This is Hunter at his best as another character embodying the values of mid-twentieth century, middle-class, white-collar Australia.

Presented in collaboration with the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia.

Dates   Sat 4 Feb 2012, 4pm
    No Longer Available
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