Nicaragua: No pasaran

David Bradbury, 70 mins, Australia, 1984, 16mm. Courtesy: Frontline films.

Nicaragua: No pasaran
Nicaragua: No pasaran
This remarkable documentary traces the complex and fraught political history of Nicaragua, a country that has survived military dictatorships and US-backed invasions.

David Bradbury spent six months in the country working in at times dangerous situations, focusing on the leading resistant movement, the Sandinistas. This movement came into government after 43 years of resistance and the death of 50,000 Nicaraguans.

The story of Nicaragua is mainly seen through the figure of leading Sandinista, Tomas Borge, the Minister for the Interior in Nicaragua's nine man collective leadership.

The story of this small Central American nation is a story of a determined and resilient people who took on the mighty US military machine. What Bradbury shows is the human face of conflict, as he unravels the propaganda and lies surrounding this troubled country.

Dates   Sat 26 May 2012, 4pm
    No Longer Available
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