Storm Warning

R 18+
Jamie Blanks, 82 mins, 2007, Australia, digi beta. Source: Resolution Independent

storm warning
Storm Warning

Director Jamie Blanks (Urban Legend) is spearheading a genre revival with his latest film Storm Warning.

With a script penned by the legendary Everett de Roche (Blanks' next project is a remake of Colin Eggelston's 1978 Long Weekend which de Roche scripted) this gutsy horror film follows a young couple (Nadia Farès and Robert Taylor) as they seek shelter from the mother of all storms.

But the storm becomes the least of their worries as they find themselves fighting for survival. Strictly for the die-hard horror fan. Australian premiere!

Join the director Jamie Blanks plus surprise guests for a Q&A after the screening. 

Read the filmmaker notes

Dates   Sat 15 Nov 2008, 4pm
No Longer Available
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