the short films of françois ozon

MA 15+
François Ozon, 130 mins, France, Digital Betacam, French with English subtitles. Courtesy: Accent Film Entertainment

see the sea
See the Sea
One of the most provocative directors to emerge in recent world cinema, Ozon's shorts heralded a filmmaker of great talent.

Long before his first feature was crafted, his filmography totalled somewhere in the vicinity of 18 shorts, including numerous Super 8 experiments.

With a fascination for the slight moments and spaces of the everyday, this program includes Action Vérité (1994), Summer Dress (1996), Le Petite Morte (1995) and Bed Scenes (1994), the session concludes with Ozon's unforgettable featurette of menace, See The Sea (1998).

Screened in the Locarno, San Sebastian and New York Film Festivals

Dates   Fri 12 Oct 2007, 7pm
No Longer Available
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