place urbanity

A pioneering and humorous work by new media artist Jeffrey Shaw, Place-Urbanity immerses the visitor in 15 fully panoramic video recordings of Melbourne's suburbs. Each suburb is the district of a specific immigrant or ethnic community.

A robotic platform allows the visitor to rotate the projected image within a fully surrounding 9m diameter projection screen while they navigate through virtual space.

While exploring each of the panoramic scenes the visitor is entertained by a member of that community telling a joke. Place-Urbanity is a humorous comment on how different cultures establish their identities within the Australian socio-geographic context.

Dates   Friday 7 March - Sunday 6 April 2003
Daily 11am-6pm
Admission   Free
Produced with the assistance of the Australian Centre for the Moving Image and Film Victoria's Digital Media Fund.

The Digital Media Fund is funded by Multimedia Victoria as part of the Victorian Government's Connecting Victoria policy, which aims to bring the benefits of technology to all Victorians.

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