Playing Under the Influence

Billy Liar
Billy Liar
Co-presented by Melbourne Music Week

Four of Melbourne's best-known and best-loved musicians select and discuss the film that's had the greatest influence on their music.

Get into the head of Vincent Vendetta (Midnight Juggernauts), Tim Rogers, Mick Harvey and Henry Wagons (Wagons) in an exploration of sound and cinema, and the personal impact of both.

Curated by Lisa Palermo, Kate Welsman, Richard Sowada and the musicians.

Saturday 19 November - Saturday 26 November 2011
Full $15 Concession $12 ACMI Members $11

All Night Long + Q&A

Mick Harvey has his eyes set on the cool, smoky, sleazy and jazzy surrounds of London in 1962 in this rarely seen film.

Billy Liar + Q&A

Tim Rogers plays a trump card with this 1963 British classic directed by none other than multiple Oscar-winner John Schlesinger.

Dead Man + Q&A

Henry Wagons chooses this Jarmusch classic with a searing score by Neil Young, starring Johnny Depp and an A-1 cast of misfits.

Dawn of the Dead + Q&A

The Midnight Juggernauts go all the way with George A Romero's horror/splatter classic, with a wild synth soundtrack from Goblin.

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