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Playing the Movies

Monday 20 March - Sunday 16 July 2006

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Games are not some poor cousin of movies, desperately attempting to become photorealistic enough that they can have convincing, dramatic scenes. Games are about creating systems that you play in. They're about establishing a situation with a few basic rules, and then turning players loose to see what they'll do. Clive Thompson

exhibition features

  featured game: the movies
The Movies is a tycoon game and a simulation game rolled into one, with the player governing a movie making empire. Inside lies a game within a game, giving players the opportunity to make their own movies.


machinima jukebox
Machinima is based on the discovery that video games can be used for making short films. This selection of work documents some seminal moments in Machinima and its evolution from simple 'speed runs' to cultural comment 


    essay: playing the movies
Curator Helen Stuckey writes of the relationship between games and the movies. 

Mon 20 Mar - Sun 16 Jul 2006
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The Machinima Film Festival is presented by the Academy of Machinima Arts & Sciences
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