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Operation Simoom

Poles Apart
unclassified 18+
Mary-Jo Tahill, 63 mins, DVD, New Zealand, 2004

A documentary about New Zealand's fist refugees - the Polish children of Pahiatua


Operation Simoom (Operacja Samum)
MA 15+
Wladyslaw Pasikowski, 91 mins, 35mm, Poland, 1999, in Polish with English subtitles.

The war between Iraq and Kuwait is just about to begin. While all foreigners are leaving Iraq, Pawel, a young Polish engineer is captured by the Iraqi Secret Service. His father, a retired secret service operative goes to Iraq to attempt to rescue him not knowing that he is secretly being used as bait. Now, two Polish secret agents have been assigned by the CIA to attempt a rescue mission. The stakes are high, but are they high enough to risk the life of one of the best officers?

Dates   Sunday 15 May 2005, 2.30pm & 3.45pm
Admission   All tickets $9
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