syncity pompidou film program

SynCity surveys three decades of Australian film and video artists as part of the Centre Pompidiou Video Art 1965-2005 exhibition.

This edgy selection focuses on how the development of 'sampling' culture has blurred boundaries between entertainment media and experimental art forms.

Curated by Mark Titmarsh for d/Lux/MediaArts.

S.S.S Andrew Frost (1986)
Sat 5 May 6.30pm > Program 1
Metaphysical TV: The 1980s

The works chosen to represent the 1980s are by the Metaphysical TV group. With a desire to explore the reflexive relationship between the film camera and the television screen, these artists-filmmakers used television as primary source material.

Includes shorts by Stephen Harrop, Stephen Fearnley, Gary Warner, Michael Hutak, Andrew Frost and Mark Titmarsh.

The Harm Machine Ian Andrews (1991)
Sun 6 May 3.30pm > Program 2
Intermedia Network: The 1990s

Taking their lead from 1980s appropriation, these shorts mix television, cinema and popular music sources, while also taking advantage of new digital techniques.

Ranging from Hollywood parody to DJ mimicry, this dynamic program features works by Marcus Gale, Ian Andrews, Severed Heads Ross Harley, Jackie Farkas, Dirk de Bruyn, Clann Analogue, Chris Newling and Alyson Bell.

Positive PainMatt Glenn (2002)
Sun 6 May 5.30pm > Program 3
D/Art Screenings: Contemporary Works

The rise of the internet and desktop video tools has made it easy for artists to play with cult film and television sources. Vidding, mashup, bootlegging, trailer hacking - a plethora of contemporary sampling techniques are covered in this program. 

Features works by Scott Anderson, Ian Haig, Matt Glen, Tara Marynowsky, Stephen Fox, Kate Richards, Sarah Waterson, Soda_Jerk & Sam Smith, Sheena Macrae, Justene Williams, Brendan Lee, The Kingpins, Emil Goh, Tracey Moffatt and Gary Hilberg.

Dates   Sat 5 May 2007, 6.30pm > Program 1
Sun 6 May 2007, 3.30pm > Program 2
Sun 6 May 2007, 5.30pm > Program 3
No Longer Available
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