harry potter & the prisoner of azkaban

Alfonso Cuaron
141 mins, USA, 2004, 35mm

image from harry potter & the prisoner of azkaban
Image: Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban

It's Harry's third year at Hogwarts but a shadow hangs over him.

A dangerous mass murderer, Sirius Black (Gary Oldman), has escaped the Azkaban Forest - the Wizards' prison. While learning to cope with the Dementors sent to protect Hogwarts, Harry uncovers disturbing details about Sirius Black's past and delves deeper into his own history.

Michael Gambon joins the cast in the role of Professor Dumbledore, David Thewlis arrives to take over the school's best subject, Defence Against the Black Arts, Emma Thompson teaches tea-leaf reading and comic actors Lenny Henry, Dawn French and Timothy Spall also appear in various guises.

Dates   Tuesday 18 January 2005, 1.30pm
Wednesday 19 January 2005, 1.30pm
Thursday 20 January 2005, 1.30pm
Friday 21 January 2005, 1.30pm
Admission   All tickets $4
  • part of kids' flicks
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