eyes + deus ex + the act of seeing with one's own eyes

Admission restricted 18+
Stan Brakhage, 102 mins (total), USA, 1971

 image from eyes
Image: Eyes. Courtesy of the Estate of Stan Brakhage and www.fredcamper.com

The Act of Seeing With One's Own Eyes is the final instalment in avant-garde maestro Stan Brakhage's Pittsburgh trilogy and the film that gives the Proof exhibition its subtitle. The trilogy frames the mechanics of the body within three institutions of urban control - the police, the hospital and the autopsy room.

Brakhage adopts an organic approach to filming based on physiological  rhythms. Leaving the raw immediacy of his subjects uncontextualised, and unaccompanied by sound, Brakhage lends us the privileged 'authenticity' of sight and questions the relationship between moving image and the way it represents the world.

Please note: contains scenes that may upset some viewers

Dates   Saturday 22 January 2005, 5pm
Admission   Full $13
Concession $10

Proof Pass (any 6 sessions)
Full $60
Concession $50

Courtesy: Marilyn Brakhage
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