proof overboard cinema program

 image from truth, lies & intelligence
Image: Truth, Lies & Intelligence

Have corporations and governments abandoned all pretence to truth? To what degree can the media be said to collude with privatized interests over public ones? Are we complicit in allowing ourselves to be 'hoodwinked'? Are we still capable of seeing for ourselves? Scandals, scare tactics and spin are exposed in this eye-opening cinema program.

Proof Overboard assembles a chorus of informed, critical voices that seek to articulate, illuminate and provide context beyond the spin and subterfuge of commercial network sound-bites, spurious 'current affairs' shows, embedded frontline reports and the jargon of politically skewed 'group think'.

Ranging from visionary filmmakers (Varda, Brakhage) who explore the veracity of the image, to investigative researchers (Travers, Noujaim) who question the way images are presented to us, these films examine the way truth is constructed.

Presented by ACMI to coincide with the major Screen Gallery exhibition, Proof: The Act of Seeing With One's Own Eyes.

Thursday 20 January - Tuesday 1 February 2005

Curated by Clare Stewart and Roberta Ciabarra

thumbnail from control room

control room

Control Room critically assesses the U.S. news media in its war on terror and Al-Jazeera's representation of 'Iraqi Freedom'.

thumbnail from taliban country

taliban country + it's not my memory of it

Carmela Baranowska's footage offers disturbing first-person accounts of the treatment being dealt Afghans by U.S. marines in the war on terror.

thumbnail from the fog of war

the fog of war

Idiosyncratic filmmaker Errol Morris assembles a complex and compelling portrait of former United States Defence Secretary Robert S. McNamara.

thumbnail from the corporation

the corporation

A 'personality profile' of your garden variety corporation reveals that it most closely corresponds, in behavioural terms, to a psychopath.

thumbnail from persons of interest

persons of interest + a movie

After September 11 more than 5000 American residents and citizens of Arab and Muslim descent were taken into custody by the US Justice Department.

thumbnail for cinévardaphoto


These three films by Agnès Varda take the still image as subject and overflow with her sharp sense of poetry.

thumbnail from soldiers pay

soldiers pay + three kings

Soldiers Pay was produced for a DVD of David O Russell's Three Kings, but was handed back to the filmmakers by the studio. Screens with Three Kings.

uncovered: the war on iraq

Robert Greenwald's documentary is intent on dismantling the machinations and motivations driving the political tenor of the times in the U.S.

thumbnail from eyes

eyes + deus ex + the act of seeing with one's own eyes

Stan Brakhage's Pittsburgh trilogy frames the mechanics of the body within three institutions of control - the police, the hospital & autopsy room.

thumbnail for horns & halos

horns & halos + report

Horns & Halos traces the legal fight over Fortunate Son, a bestselling book in 1999 on the strength of allegations relating to George W. Bush.

thumbnail from orwell

orwell rolls in his grave

Robert Kane Pappas' documentary seeks to explore the degree to which outright fabrication passes for the truth in the United States.

thumbnail for anaconda targets

anaconda targets

Filmmaker Dominic Angerame has appropriated devastating footage of the aerial bombings of suspected al Qaeda and Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.

thumbnail for truth, lies & intelligence

truth, lies & intelligence

Carmel Travers' new documentary examines the response of the intelligence community to the war in Iraq.

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