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proof the act of seeing with one's own eyes

image from the amateurist by miranda july
Image from The Amateurist by Miranda July

Thursday 9 December 2004 - Sunday 13 February 2005

How do you know what you know?

As much an investigation as exhibition, Proof questions how consensus is formed. When our personal information is available for purchase online and when digital manipulation means that seeing has never been further from believing, how do we construct and deconstruct truth? How do you know what you know?

From weapons of mass destruction to children overboard, the testimony of vision is no small matter in contemporary politics. Taking Stan Brakhage's haunting dissection of mortality The Act of Seeing with One's Own Eyes as its point of departure, this exhibition questions how we negotiate reality through the moving image and confirms that evidence alone isn't proof.

Curated by Mike Stubbs

The Proof exhibition catalogue is now available, featuring critical essays and detailed information about all the works featured in the exhibition.

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the act of seeing with one's own eyes

Shot entirely in a Pittsbugh morgue, this work reveals Stan Brakhage's lifelong preoccupation with the play of light.

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bit plane

A miniature airplane armed with a micro-video camera enters the airspace over Silicon Valley.

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chain times three

A multi-screen installation that travels the malls, offices and car parks that make up the homogenized and ever-spreading global 'superlandscape'.

thumbnail for der laufe der dinge

der lauf der dinge (the way things go)

Cause and effect is the subject of this absurd kinetic chain reaction triggered by fire, water, laws of gravity and chemistry.

thumbnail for dial h-i-s-t-o-r-y

dial h-i-s-t-o-r-y

A televisually stunning, macabre and subversive meditation on pre-September 11 terroism and hijacking.

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dolores from 10 to 10

Delores from 10 to 10 imagines what might have been recorded when a factory assembly line worker was abused and imprisoned by her manager.

thumbnail for drive by shooting

drive by shooting

Over six hundred suburban criminal incidents are narrated from police records as the camera records the calm surface of streets and houses.

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Alerted to some harmless biological samples at artist Steve Kurtz's house, the FBI arrested him under suspicion of bioterrorism.

thumbnail for greetings from iraq

greetings from iraq

Nizar Jabour, an Iraqi refugee now living in Australia, recently returned home after 17 years.

thumbnail for heterodyning cage

heterodyning cage

An immersive, robotic artwork tracks the movement of gallery visitors, surrounding them with sound and imagery.

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human remains

Archival footage of Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Mao and Stalin makes for disturbingly human biographies.

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Produced prior to September 11, this activist/artist website identifies the location of closed-circuit television cameras in New York's city streets.

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my woomera project (what do you fear?)

An imposing Ikara missile, reconstructed in plywood and at actual size, is the centre of this video installation exploring fear.

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Gathering proof can be hazardous: Obstruction pits the public's right to know against the idea of personal or corporate privacy.

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senju-kannon buddha bot no. 1

Redundant technology and commercial products become a sculptural robot inspired by 1,001 statues of the Buddha at a Japanese temple.

thumbnail for street x-rays

street x-rays

Crime scene photographs from the 1950s infiltrate present day footage of the city to show the past and present living and moving together.

thumbnail of sub_scape proof

sub_scape proof

Elusive yet enduring, digital data propels the information age. In sub_scapePROOF the artists visualise the possibilities of time-based data flows.

thumbnail for the amateurist

the amateurist

Two figures are caught in an off-kilter relationship based on a system of surveillance whose rules, boundaries and aim remain fascinatingly opaque.

thumbnail for the memory of water

the memory of water

As a series of people answer the question "what is your most significant memory?" we watch their eyes in extreme close up.

thumbnail for the rumour of true things

the rumour of true things

The Rumour of True Things uses the transient images from the moving image ephemera of science, industry, commerce and medicine.

thumbnail for the spectrum chart

the spectrum chart and the spectrum drum

Do the ways we harness waves on the electromagnetic spectrum cause damage to our bodies and our environment?

thumbnail for the dead weight of a quarrel hangs

the dead weight of a quarrel hangs

Photographs, film fragments and memories are starting points for discursive and imaginative 'fake documentaries' about the Lebanese civil war.

Thursday 9 December 2004 - Sunday 13 February 2005
Don't miss the Proof Overboard cinema program 20 January - 1 February 2005 and Proof Forum 5 February 2005
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