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Pandora's Box: Essays in Film Theory

front cover of pandora's box: essays in film theory

Pandora's Box: Essays in Film Theory
Barbara Creed
160pp; paperback
ISBN 0 7340 2982 9


"Always lucid, witty, and sharp, the essays in Pandora's Box provide a fresh and perceptive analysis of contemporary film theory. Ranging from modernity and postmodernity to feminism, psychoanalysis, race, and queer theory, the collection provides an excellent critical introduction to the field of film theory as a whole." Chris Berry, University of California, Berkeley

Why is contemporary film theory so controversial? How have ideas about sexuality and subjectivity influenced film theory? Why did feminist film theory create such a stir? How has postmodernism affected the cinema? Why does the horror film hold such a strong appeal for so many viewers? How important is ritual and myth to an understanding of the cinema? How has queer theory influenced the way we view films?

In her characteristically accessible and entertaining style, Barbara Creed examines the nature and impact of leading film theories from the 1970s to the present in an essential reader for teachers, students and academics.

About the author

Barbara Creed is Associate Professor of Cinema Studies at the University of Melbourne. A well-known film critic and media commentator, she is author of The Monstrous-Feminine and Media Matrix, and co-editor of Don't Shoot Darling! and Body Trade. Her work has been translated into German, Swedish, Polish, Italian and Japanese.

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