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Remembrance + the Moving Image

remembrance + the moving image book cover

Remembrance + the Moving Image
Edited by Ross Gibson
160pp full colour
Paperback with gatefold cover
 ISBN 1 920805 01 X

AU$28.00 (inc. GST)

Available at the ACMI Shop or complete an order form online here

'Life is lived forward, but it is understood backward' - Soren Kierkegaard

Are memories like movies? Can they be recorded? Can you capture their yearning, their dread, their jubilation?

If your mind had a surveillance camera trained on your streams of consciousness, the tape might show something like the ACMI Collection's Remembrance works. Remembrance + the Moving Image brings together arresting works from prominent and emerging artists from Australia and abroad - jostling together the present, future and past to offer new understandings of ourselves and the world we live in.

The Remembrance catalogue is the first in the ACMI Collections series - rather than a traditional catalogue it is more of an initial meditation on the treasures of the collection.

Table of Contents

'Remembrance and Realisation' (Ross Gibson)

'Remembered By' (Clare Stewart)
Robert Arnold - The Morphology of Desire (Loop) & Triptych
Sadie Benning - If Every Girl Had a Diary & Jollies
BIG hART - Hurt
Naomi Bishops & Richard Raber - Traces
Jem Cohen - Black Hole Radio & Buried in Light
Gina Czarnecki - Versifier
Dennis Del Favero - Pentimento
Gustav Deutsch - Film Ist (1-6)
Anthony Discenza - Suspension
Sue Ford - Faces
Péter Forgács - Bourgeois Dictionaries & Meanwhile Somewhere...1940-1943
David Haines, Joyce Hinterding & Scott Horscroft - Undertow 1999
Mona Hatoum - Measures of Distance
Tehching Hsieh - One Year Performance
Andrea Lange - Refugee Talks
Les LeVeque - 4 Vertigo
Mary Lucier - Wintergarden
Chris Marker - Immemory
Kate Murphy - Prayers of a Mother
Debra Petrovitch - Uncle Bill
Steve Reinke - How Photographs Are Stored in the Brain
Andrish Saint-Clare - Trepang
Frank Scheffer - Music for Airports
Bill Seaman - The Water Catalogue
Ivan Sen - Blood
Alexander Sokurov - Confessions & Spiritual Voices
Geshe Sonam Thargye & Sue Ford - Mind of Tibet
Bill Viola - The Passing
Emily Weil - Platform 1
Artist biographies

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