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Videogames and everything else

On the third Tuesday of the month throughout the Game Masters exhibition, ACMI joins forces with Freeplay to bring you a series of curated events featuring music, musings and memorabilia.

Join a host of game developers, critics, writers, academics and other industry experts to discuss gaming icons, questions of convergence, play and what gaming culture means today.

Monthly during Game Masters
Full $15 Concession $12 ACMI Member $11

Thorin Sings About Gold

Re:Play looks at transmogrification, the complex process of films being turned into games or games being turned into comics.

Someone Else's Skin

Re:Play gets under the skin of gaming's most iconic characters and discusses what it is like to be someone else.

Postcards from Imaginary Worlds

Come with us as we journey to the unexplored worlds presented by videogames.

The Stuff of Nightmares

Join us for a wonderfully horrific evening of dark discussion and dismemberment.

Presented by Film Victoria
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