Postcards from Imaginary Worlds

Journey by Sony Computer Entertainment
Journey by Sony Computer Entertainment
The promise of games has always been of unexplored worlds, simulated and presented with you at the centre of them. The player is the the explorer, navigating every nook and cranny, crevasse and mountain.

Come with us as we scribble out our postcards from these imaginary realms, searching for stamps and postboxes in Azeroth, Minecraft, Dungeons and Dragons and worlds that look suspiciously like our own, but harbour something playful just beneath the surface.

Speakers Include: Ben McKenzie ('Dungeon Master' & comedian), Brendan Keogh (games journalist, Towards Dawn) and Christy Dena (transmedia writer & designer). Chair: Daniel Golding.

Curated by ACMI and Freeplay. Presented by Film Victoria.
Dates   Tue 18 Sep 2012, 7pm
    No Longer Available
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