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festival screenings

Featuring a great selection of Australian and world premiere screenings and high profile international and local filmmakers, the festival coincides with the Australian International Documentary Conference (AIDC).

thumbnail from scared sacred

scared sacred

Award-winning Canadian filmmaker Velcrow Ripper uncovers stories of profound loss and trauma, survival and resilience in corners of the globe.

thumbnail from dark horse

endangered + dark horse

Genesis Potini emerges as much more than Gisborne's reigning speed chess player in Dark Horse. Screens with the refreshingly forthright Endangered.

thumbnail from brown

looking for reconciliation? + brown

Looking for Reconciliation? investigates how a nation may transcend a violent and traumatic history to create a new society. Screens with BRown.

thumbnail from pulled from the rubble

pulled from the rubble

A daughter's acutely honest reflections of her father's rehabilitation after surviving an explosive tragedy in Iraq that claimed many lives.

thumbnail from beethoven's hair

beethoven's hair

Based on Russell Martin's best-seller of the same name, Weinstein's accomplished screen adaptation follows the trail of a lock of Beethoven's hair.

thumbnail from a very english village: going for the kill

a very english village: going for the kill

Luke Holland offers remarkable access to the closed and wary hunting fraternity and presents an unusually frank account of English country mores.

thumbnail from the archive project

the archive project

Hughes' assembles many sources to weave together a poetic call to reflection on the challenges faced by dissenting voices in security-conscious times.

thumbnail from the boys of baraka

the boys of baraka

An experimental boarding school in Kenya beckons as the last hope for a group of pre-teen boys of a future beyond addiction, unemployment or prison.

thumbnail from how arnold won the west

how arnold won the west

An insightful documentary that follows the California Recall Election and Schwarzenegger assuming control of the world's fifth largest economy.

thumbnail from anthem: an act of sedition

anthem: an act of sedition

Anthem raises fundamental questions about the currency of freedoms and values co-opted in service of the 'War on Terror'.

thumbnail from abortion, corruption and cops: the bertram wainer story

abortion, corruption & cops: the bertram wainer story

Moore's film charts Wainer's unswerving campaign to force the decriminalisation of abortion onto the political agenda.

thumbnail from fever road

fever road

Kevin Hull's documentary forms part of the British produced Malaria series and received the 2005 One World Best Documentary Award.

thumbnail from sisters in law

sisters in law

The two protagonists in Longinotto and Ayisi's documentary are female crusaders fearlessly wading into battles with the law on their side.

thumbnail from silma's school

silma's school

Silma's School is a portrait of an inspirational woman, mother and wife, and offers a rare insight into the Muslim community living in Sydney's West.

thumbnail from children of migration

song journey + children of migration

Song Journey is a celebration of Torres Strait Island culture. Screens with Children of Migration; a film about Pacific Islanders in New Zealand.

thumbnail from sleep

how to sleep better

Bring your pen along to this special screening to find out if you're sleep deprived and if your lifestyle is affecting the quality of your sleep.

thumbnail from touch the sound

the rest is silence + touch the sound

The Rest is Silence screens with Touch the Sound - a remarkable journey with Grammy Award-winning percussionist, Evelyn Glennie.

thumbnail from jisoe

bedroom radio + jisoe

DJs Gary and Yvonne broadcast from a tough housing estate in Bedroom Radio. Screens with Jisoe a story about a young Melbourne graffiti artist.

love in a time of sickness + ask me i'm positive

Love in a Time of Sickness explores the complexity of relating whilst  HIV-infected, screens with the poignantly affirming Ask Me I'm Positive.

thumbnail from memory for max, claire, ida and company

this time lucky + memory for max, claire, ida and company

This Time Lucky is a short about a couple of septuagenarian twins intent on finding love late in life. See beyond the pathology of dementia in Memory.

thumbnail from john & jane

john & jane

'Glen' and 'Sydney' are westernised young Indians who answer American 1-800 numbers in a Mumbai call centre. 

thumbnail from love, speed & loss

love, speed & loss

Kim Newcombe is remembered as the New Zealander who came second in the 1973 World 500 Grand Prix Championship.

thumbnail from welcome 2 my deaf world

my green friday + welcome 2 my deaf world

My Green Friday is a light-hearted film about seeing the world in another way. Screens with the charming and humorous Welcome 2 My Deaf World.

thumbnail from banana in a nutshell

wedding sari showdown + banana in a nutshell

Both these films address cultural issues in relationships between couples of different ethnic backgrounds - mostly a result of disapproving parents.

thumbnail from story of a beautiful country

story of a beautiful country

Shot entirely from the front seat of a minibus taxi, Matabane travels the country in search of the Promised Land: the new, democratic South Africa.

thumbnail from final solution

final solution

Final Solution is a raw and confronting view of the politics of hate. Banned in India for months, the film became an international cause célèbre.

thumbnail from the bridge at midnight trembles

a difficult case + the bridge at midnight trembles

The Bridge at Midnight Trembles follows Richard Moir through the physical burden of Parkinson's Disease as his career fades and his marriage crumbles.

thumbnail from betelnut bisnis: a story from papua new guinea

paul's beautiful laundrette + betelnut bisnis

An insight into the social network surrounding one of the most widely used narcotics in the world - betelnut. Follows Paul's Beautiful Laundrette.

thumbnail from iraq, my country: an exile's return to samawa

sentences + iraq, my country: an exile's return to samawa

Far from the usual media spin on life in Iraq, this production is an intimate view of a nation on the cusp of dramatic change. Screens with Sentences.

thumbnail from sophiatown: blues for mandela

sophiatown: blues for mandela

This award-winning docu-musical recounts the fascinating history of Johannesburg's 'Harlem' where a melting pot of talent thrived during the 1950s.

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