remembrance + the moving image: reverberation: screen gallery exhibition, 27 June - 31 August

remembrance + the moving image

Are memories like movies? Can they be recorded? Can you capture their yearning, their dread, their jubilation? Featuring spellbinding artworks by leading artists from around the world in ACMI's acclaimed screen gallery, Remembrance reveals how deeply our memories can move us.

An unforgettable experience that draws on the visitors' own memories, Remembrance will affect everyone in unique and unexpected ways. Evoking and challenging the intimate memories that sustain and shape our past, present and future, Remembrance immerses the visitor in explorations from the romantic to the confessional, from the spiritual to the taboo.

The Remembrance cinema program, screening in ACMI's state-of-the-art cinemas, celebrates worldwide cinema culture. Interconnecting screen displays of film sequences and flashbacks will create memory-in-action throughout the spaces of ACMI's three levels.

Full details of all Remembrance + the Moving Image artists, works, events and activities are available on the Remembrance website.

Screen Gallery Opening Hours

Monday 12pm-5pm
Tuesday to Friday 10am-5pm
Saturday, Sunday & public holidays 10am-6pm
Admission Free

Screen Gallery Exhibition - free entry
Monday 12pm-5pm
Tuesday to Friday 10am-5pm
Saturday, Sunday & public holidays 10am-6pm
Part 1: Persistence of Vision: 21 March - 25 May 2003
Part 2: Reverberation 27 June - 31 August 2003
Cinema Program
11 April - 20 July 2003
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