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Admission restricted 18+
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Counselor of the State

Be seduced by Soviet-era masterpieces and enthralling contemporary films.

Thursday 5 - Tuesday 10 October
> Full $15 Concession $12
> Opening night $30
   (includes food & entertainment) 

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Thu 5 Oct 7pm (Opening Night), Sat 7 Oct 7.15pm
The Italian Andrei Kravchuk, 90 mins, Russia, 2005
Six-year-old orphan, Vanya, is supposed to be adopted by an Italian family. He gets the chance to have a good life under the Mediterranean sun, but suddenly decides to look for his own mother. Opening night screening includes visiting filmmakers, authentic Russian food and live music.

Fri 6 Oct 5.30pm, Mon 9 Oct 6.30pm
Counsellor of the State Filip Yankovsky, 125 mins, Russia, 2005
Based on Boris Akunin's novel and starring the finest ensemble of Russian actors today, this classic whodunnit involves heads of governments, famous detectives and the cream of Russian society.

Fri 6 Oct 7.50pm, Sat 7 Oct 9.30pm
Ninth Company Fyodor Bondarchuk, 130 mins, Finland/Russia/Ukraine, 2005
This film follows a band of young recruits from a farewell ceremony back home, through their often brutal training in Uzbekistan's Fergana Valley, up to a bloody battle on a mountain top in Afghanistan against the Mujahideen. Russian box office record-breaker!

Fri 6 Oct 10.15pm, Sun 8 Oct 2.30pm
Petersburg FM Oksana Bychkova, 85 mins, Russia, 2006
Masha is a DJ at a popular Petersburg radio station and Maxim is a young architect. Both are facing big life changes but lack the conviction they need to go through with them. In steps chance, and with it, a whole new wave of challenges and questions in the ultimate search for love, life and happiness.

Sat 7 Oct 12.30pm, Mon 9 Oct 4pm
The Captains Daughter Alexander Proshkin, 130 mins, Russia/France, 2001
This beautiful film is an interpretation of the classic story by Alexander Pushkin. In the late sixteenth century, Cossack Pugachev led a bloody revolt to infamously challenge the status quo of the country. The uprising plays backdrop to the romance between two young lovers.

Sat 7 Oct 3pm, Tue 10 Oct 5.20pm
Not By Bread Alone Stanislav Govorukhin, 112 mins, Russia, 2005
Acclaimed Russian director, Stanislav Govorukhin's film is set in Stalinist times where science, technology and patriotism to the mother state are subjects of extreme fervour. Yet, despite the atmosphere of obsession, romance can still bloom, and proves as strong a reason for real sacrifice.

Sat 7 Oct 5.15pm, Sun 8 Oct 12.30pm
The Nankin Landscape Valery Rubinchik, 101 mins, Russia, 2006
Alexander has returned to Russia after spending time in the exotic east of early 1900s China. He forms a tenuous acquaintance with a man just released from prison. Both men find themselves in pursuit of the same woman, and each use their contrasting powers of storytelling to win her heart.

Sun 8 Oct 4.15pm
First on the Moon Alexey Fedorchenko, 72 mins, Russia, 2005
A UFO crashes in the North of Chile in 1938. An inquiry reveals that it was actually a Soviet rocket and evidence of a top-secret space program unfolds in this entertaining mockumentary that treads a fine line between reality and farce.

Sun 8 Oct 5.45pm
Solaris Andrei Tarkovsky, 165 mins, Soviet Union, 1972
Andrei Tarkovsky's adaptation of Stanislaw Lem's cult 1961 novel is a haunting piece of cinema about a cosmonaut psychologist who experiences strange visions when he visits a distant space station. It's also a moving meditation on humanity, love and the unknowable nature of the universe.

Sun 8 Oct 8.45pm, Mon 9 Oct 9pm
Piranha Andrei Kavun, 125 mins, Russia, 2006
This high-energy action adventure and Russian box office hit has all the bravado and tension of Die Hard, the plot of classic Bond, and the tongue-in-cheek humour of Indiana Jones.

Tue 10 Oct 7.30pm
Andrei Rublev Andrei Tarkovsky, 183 mins, Soviet Union, 1969
Andrei Tarkovsky's internationally acclaimed cinema masterpiece tells the life of Andrei Rublev, a fifteenth-century monk regarded as Russia's greatest icon writer. The film depicts a turbulent period of Russian history, marked by endless fighting between rival Princes and Tatar invasions.

Dates   Thu 5 Oct - Tue 10 Oct 2006
No Longer Available
Presented by the Russian Ethnic Representative Council of Victoria and supported by the Russian Cultural Foundation.
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