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Screen Worlds

The Story of Film, Television & Digital Culture

Screen Worlds: Emergence
Screen Worlds: Emergence

About the Exhibition

Screen Worlds tells the remarkable story of the moving image - a vibrant biography that explores its past, present and future.


The moving image has evolved over centuries: Chinese shadow plays and eerie magic lantern shows in Renaissance Rome led to the invention of cinema in the 1890s. As time passed, Hollywood and Bollywood boomed, man's first steps on the moon were televised and a videogame character named Mario won our hearts. Today, the Web and the mobile phone are transforming the moving image anew.

Emergence charts the international evolution of the moving image through an Australian lens.

Six table-based displays highlight the arrival of each form: film, television, videogames, the Internet and more. The surrounding wall displays trace key moments and dynamics in moving image history, ending with a question: where will the moving image go next?


How have Australians contributed to the moving image, and how has the moving image made Australians who we are?

The landscapes, characters and cultures of Australia offer limitless inspiration and provocation to moving image makers. From the foreboding bushland in Picnic at Hanging Rock to the comic character of Dame Edna, Voices explores the nation we see on screen and its role in shaping Australian identity.

This section of Screen Worlds offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the creative processes of Australian moving image makers at home and abroad, celebrating their true diversity and range, from digital effects wizards to iconic stars, DIY heroes to Indigenous screen talent.

Dedicated displays - featuring new interviews and personal memorabilia -  profile fourteen leading Australian moving image makers:

  • Animal Logic (Visual Effects)
  • Jill Bilcock (Editor)
  • Cate Blanchett (Actor)
  • Rolf de Heer (Writer, Director and Producer)
  • Christopher Doyle (Cinematographer)
  • Yoram Gross (Animator)
  • Reg Grundy (Producer)
  • David Gulpilil (Actor)
  • Krome Studios (Videogame developers)
  • Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin (Director and Production Designer) 
  • Chris Masters (Documentary Journalist)
  • George Miller (Director)
  • Tracey Moffatt (Artist)
  • Sue Smith and John Alsop (Writers)

    A focus on Indigenous moving image makers runs throughout Screen Worlds celebrating the contribution of established makers such as Tom E. Lewis and Rachel Perkins as well as emerging talents like Warwick Thornton and Darlene Johnson.


    With little more than light and sound, how does the moving image so profoundly stimulate our emotions?

    The moving image is a sensory experience: it quickens the pulse, stirs the heart and inspires the mind. Even after the cinema's lights come up, the sound fades and the illusion on screen disappears, the magic still lingers in our memory.

    The Sensation section of the exhibition features hands-on activities, immersive displays and historical exhibits that explore the magical experiences conjured through light and shadow, colour and abstraction, sound and vision, and time and motion.

    Many of the Immersive Experiences in Screen Worlds feature in this section of the exhibition.

    Games Lab

    ACMI has been a champion of games and games culture since 2002 and we continue this in Screen Worlds. Explore games genres through a curated selection of playable titles and watch live game-play on the giant screen.

    Kids Space

    There will always be something fun and free for kids in this space. Located inside Screen Worlds, imaginations will run wild with hands-on activities and awesome animations all day on the big screen.
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