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Screen Worlds

The Story of Film, Television & Digital Culture

You and I, Horizontal (III) (2006)

Immersive Experiences

A host of interactive displays and immersive experiences makes Screen Worlds an exhibition like no other. 

Inspired by the iconic 'bullet time' sequence in The Matrix, this full-body interactive experience invites you to perform for an array of 36 cameras and lets you keep a video clip of your special effect moment.

TY the Tasmanian Tiger(TM) Zoetrope
As the lights go down and the strobe kicks in, animation comes to life in this stunning 3D zoetrope with almost 200 characters. Starring Krome Studios' videogame superstar TY the Tasmanian Tiger(TM) and his friends. Read more.

Pong vs Tennis
Play videogame graphics across time in this full-body interactive experience. Player One has a retro-style paddle, while Player Two has a fully motion sensitive wireless controller. Who will win?

The Faulty Fandangle
Look through the peephole in this exciting new work by Oscar®-nominated Anthony Lucas (The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello), combining animation with mechanical illusions and shadow play. Read more

Interactive Locations Map
Touch this giant interactive map to transport yourself to iconic film and TV locations. From Mad Max in the Melbourne University carpark to Skippy in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, explore over 50 places made famous on screen.

Anthony McCall Installation
Step into a dark haze-filled room to interact with the power of projected light. Transforming a beam of light into a three-dimensional sculpture, Anthony McCall's You and I, Horizontal (II) (2006) is an Australian premiere. Read more

Sound and Vision Room
The power of sound and vision to create the space of a film is amplified in this dazzling three-screen environment, made with the collaboration of directors Baz Luhrmann (Australia), Phillip Noyce (Dead Calm) and Zhang Yimou (House of Flying Daggers).

The Flip Book Booth
Make your very own 'movie' using the in-exhibition Flip Book Booth. Printed copies to take home can be purchased at the ACMI Store.  Read more.

Shadow Monsters
Cast shadows on a large screen with your arms and hands and watch them take on a life of their own, as Philip Worthington's Shadow Monsters (2005) augments your silhouette with fangs, spikes and even sound effects. Read more.
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