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Screen It Winners 2013

In 2013, Primary and Secondary School students were asked to create moving image works responding to the theme of 'Connect' for our annual Screen It competition. ACMI now proudly presents the winning entries.

See our Screen It page for details of the 2014 competition.

Winners - Animation

The character Max in front of some corn

Max's Farm

What does Max have to do to make his farm the best?
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Opponents playing connect four


Who will win the World Connect Four Tournament?
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Winners - Live Action

Grandma Swift in a rocking chair


Keeping Grandma Swift connected with the world.
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Indigenounous man's face painted

My City Walkabout

An Indigenous man's search for his identity.
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Winners - Games

Voyager character on a viking ship


One clan at war with another. The outcome depends on you.
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Hero jumping through the mansion

The Mansion

It's a moonless night... Let's go explore a mansion.
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Winners - Bullying. No Way!

Fish in a tank talking

The Tank Gang: A Say No to Bullies Story

The Tank Gang learn about standing up for each other.
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Protagonist in front of a lane wall

Soldier On

Loving yourself and seeing the good in others.
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Winners - Best Overall Entries

Animated boy snorkelling with fishes

Visiting Grandpa

Visiting Grandpa at two, every Sunday.
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A lifeguard saving a woman


A young girl loses her connection to those around her.
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