the first

You Always Remember Your First.

As Helen and Steve Baker prepare to ring in the New Year with several life-long friends, their 16 year-old daughter Kelsi leaves on a date with her boyfriend, sparking a heated debate about when and how Kelsi may lose her virginity. The Bakers listen with growing alarm as each of their dinner guests recount their own tales of virginal loss, and as each less-than-romantic story unfolds, long-buried secrets rise to the surface and the Baker's concern for their only daughter escalates, resulting in a New Year's Eve full of tension, embarrassment, and razor-sharp humour.

A live, rehearsed reading of The First, a script by Byron Stone & Scott Spaulding. Directed by Lucy Freeman.

Angus Sampson
Fiona MacLeod
Simon King
Georgina Naidu
Angela Twigg
Lee Mason
Tania Lentini
Gareth Ellis
Anita Torrance
Damian Walsh-Howling
Penelope Bartlau
Alex Pinder

Dates   Monday 6 December 2004, 7.30pm
Admission   Full $9
Concession $7
  • part of screenplay program
  • visit the screenplay website
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