The City of Your Final Destination

James Ivory, 118 mins, USA, 2010, 35mm, English, French and Spanish with English subtitles. Source: Potential Films. Courtesy: Potential Films.

The City of Your Final Destination
The City of Your Final Destination
Omar is a young doctoral student with a grant that hinges on his ability to deliver a biography on a famous Latin American writer, Jules Gund. He travels to Uruguay in a last-ditch effort to solicit approval from the trustees of the dead writer's estate.

Gund's extended family, living together in a kind of emotional suspension, is affected by Omar's arrival in different ways. Gund's widow Caroline (Laura Linney) is guarded, while his mistress Arden (Charlotte Gainsbourg) is more receptive to the intriguing stranger in their midst. Gund's brother Adam (Anthony Hopkins, in excellent form) maintains a line between the women's positions but has his own reasons to cultivate Omar's trust.

Based on the novel by Peter Cameron, Ivory has retained the book's elegant tone of mystery and subtly erotic undercurrents.

"As pure an example of the Merchant Ivory brand of upscale literary cinema as devotees of Howard's End, A Room With a View and The Remains of the Day could ask for" - The New York Times
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