Get Low

Aaron Schneider, 103 mins, USA, 2011, 35mm. Source: Rialto Distribution. Courtesy: Rialto Distribution.

Get Low
Get Low
A gently paced film that relishes the time and space it takes to tell a good yarn, Get Low is spun from a 1930s American folk tale about a Tennessee backwoods recluse, Felix Bush (Robert Duvall), who famously threw his own rollicking funeral wake while he was still alive.

Sensing the potential windfall in the hermit's unconventional proposal, a smooth-talking funeral parlour operator Frank Quinn (Bill Murray) enlists the help of his earnest, faultlessly polite apprentice Buddy (Lucas Black, all grown up since co-starring opposite Billy Bob Thornton in 1996's Sling Blade) to secure Felix's business.

The old man has few friends among the town's wary residents, due to the rumours that have dogged him for many years, but the reappearance of Mattie (Sissy Spacek), a woman who knew Felix in his younger years, suggests a deeper meaning in the old man's apparent act of eccentricity.

"With a mix of sly humour, homespun grace and affecting poignancy Get Low casts an irresistible spell" - Variety
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