The Iron Lady

Phyllida Lloyd , 105 mins, UK, 2011, 35mm. Courtesy: Icon Film Distribution .

The Iron Lady
The Iron Lady
Meryl Streep delivers a flawless performance as Margaret Thatcher - the UK's first female and longest serving Prime Minister to date - in an intimate biographical drama based on a screenplay by Abi Morgan (The Hour, seen recently on ABC1).

Framed by contemporary scenes of a widowed, octogenarian Thatcher in the twilight of her remarkable life, Streep's portrayal is uncannily nuanced and affecting. Jim Broadbent co-stars as Denis, who in several scenes also appears as a devoted ghostly companion conjured up by a still grieving 'Maggie'.

Olivia Colman, better known for her TV role as the wonderfully tart Debbie Doonan in Beautiful People, is heart-breakingly good as Carol, Thatcher's sympathetic, well-meaning daughter.

"A performance of towering proportions that sets a new benchmark for acting" - Daily Mail
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