The Salt of Life

The Salt of Life, 89 mins, Italy, 2011`, 35mm, Italian w/ English subtitles. Courtesy: Rialto Distribution.

The Salt of Life
The Salt of Life

Gianni Di Gregorio, the writer/director and leading man of 2008's Mid-August Lunch, is back in a genial new comedy set, as his earlier film, in Rome's picturesque Trastevere district.

Despite Di Gregorio's hang-dog expression, the sixty-something character he plays in his latest film resolves to dust off his stalled love life and reboot his lapsed Latin lover credentials.

Emasculated by his thankless role as house-husband to his oblivious wife and daughter, and nursemaid to his elderly mother, while older gents in the neighbourhood seem to be enjoying la dolce vita with attractive younger women, Di Gregorio's screen alter ego attempts to live up to a Berlusconian concept of the modern Italian male.with illuminating consequences.

"Material that in other hands could simply become toe-curling, middle-aged leching.Di Gregorio navigates.with a sense of delicacy. [His] film manages to be as charming as Mid-August Lunch; a tremendous achievement" The Guardian

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