We Have a Pope (Habemus Papam)

Nanni Moretti, 101 mins, Italy/France, 2011, 35mm, Italian with English subtitles. Courtesy: Transmission Films.

We Have a Pope (Habemus Papam)
We Have a Pope (Habemus Papam)
Italian satirist Nanni Moretti turns a gently probing eye towards the mysterious workings of the Vatican in a whimsical comic drama in which the Papal Conclave in Rome elects a new Pope who isn't sure he is up to the task.

The Pope elect (beautifully underplayed by veteran French actor, Michel Piccoli) isn't having a crisis of faith, more a severe case of performance anxiety. A psychoanalyst (played by Moretti) is called in to assist, but the cardinals hilariously vet most of his lines of enquiry.

Piccoli's Pontiff quietly removes himself from proceedings to gather his thoughts, leaving the Vatican's Press Office with some explaining to do as the faithful gather in St. Peter's Square to embrace their new spiritual leader.

"Moretti is in peak form with this puckish yet melancholic flight of fancy" - The Age

"Tender, funny and timely. A rapturous performance by Michel Piccoli" - The Hollywood Reporter
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