a series of firsts: screenings

dr isabel joy bear
Dr Isabel Joy Bear
Don't miss this moving series of eight biographical documentaries, capturing the stories of some of Victoria' most prominent women, produced by ACMI in partnership with the Office of Women's Policy, Department of Planning and Community Development.

A Series of Firsts celebrates the groundbreaking careers of The Hon. Joan Kirner, The Hon. Gracia Baylor, Dur-e Dara, Dr Isabel Joy Bear, Voula Messimeri-Kianidis, Leckie Ord, Judy Madigan MP and Jeanette Powell MP.

The films will be screening on a continuous loop on 26 April and 10 May in ACMI's Studio1.

Dates   Sun 26 April 2009, 10am to 5pm
Sun 10 May 2009, 10am to 5pm
No Longer Available
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