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On-site viewing facilities are available at ACMI Federation Square for researching the collections. Researchers can view a variety of media formats.

Researching the collection

  • Use of the facilities is free.
  • Steenbecks and television monitors must be booked 10 working days in advance.
  • A maximum of six films from the collection may be booked for on-site viewing at any one time.
  • Space is limited - this means that no more than two people may view the same film on a Steenbeck.

Researching 16mm and 35mm feature films

  • Researchers can view 16mm films, videos and DVDs
  • Bookings must be made at least 10 working days in advance
  • Collection Access Cardholders wishing to view 16mm films need to give 10 working days notice, as the physical condition of all prints is checked by our film technicians before use.

Checking Fees are as follows:

  • 16mm - $13.75 (inc. $1.25 GST) per title 
  • VHS/DVD - $4.95 (inc. 45c GST) per session
  • Ceiling charge - $27.50 (inc. $2.50 GST) for no more than 6 x 16mm films with a total running time of less than 120 minutes

Researchers wishing to view 16mm and 35mm feature films on an on-going basis for purposes of research can negotiate a flat fee. Applications should be made to collections in writing and should be accompanied by letters from their institution and/or publisher.

Note: Any bona fide researcher who has a letter from their institute or publication with supporting documentation regarding their research project can apply for special consideration for a 16mm fee waiver or flat rate. For more information contact collections on (03) 8663 2467 or email

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