North by Northwest

Alfred Hitchcock, 136 mins, USA, 1959, 35mm. Courtesy: Chapel Distribution.

North by Northwest
North by Northwest
New York advertising executive Roger Thornhill (Cary Grant) is mistaken for a government agent by a shady group of foreign spies (led by James Mason) and is relentlessly pursued while he attempts to prove his identity.

He steals aboard the 20th Century Limited, bound for Chicago, where he encounters a beautiful blonde.

Eve Kendall, played by Eva Marie Saint in scintillating form, appears to offer salvation, but may in fact pose a danger of a different kind.

Hitchcock stages audacious set pieces, such as the crop-duster scene and thrilling Mount Rushmore climax, which amply justify his standing as the consummate 'Master of Suspense'.

Cary Grant may have missed out on an Academy Award nomination for his sterling performance in Hitchcock's accomplished film, but an adoring Italian public rewarded him with a David di Donatello Award (their Oscar equivalent) as Best Foreign Actor in 1960.

"The rom-com suspense caper is a cinematic recipe that Alfred Hitchcock took with him to his grave. Certainly I can't imagine anyone now succeeding in blending thrills, spills, caresses and laughs the way he did in this sublime classic from 1959" - Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian
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