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september 12

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artist(s): Gonzalo Frasca/Newsgaming Team
country of origin: Uruguay (2003)
technology: Shockwave

WARNING Please be aware that particular Games Lab works may disturb some visitors. September 12 includes low level animated violence. Opinions expressed in all games are those of the artist/s

Designed to make people think critically about the USA's strategy on terrorism, September 12 is dedicated to the proposition that violence generates more violence. Using conventional videogames aesthetics, it models the political paradoxes by graphically demonstrating the effects of the war on terror. Unavoidable collateral damage creates more terrorists. Soon there's nothing but terrorists. This is a game that cannot be won.

artist statement
'Simulation meets political cartoons! With September 12 we do not want to convince players that the war on terror is bad, but rather encourage them to take a critical look at the situation through gameplay. Since it's launch in September 2003, the game has been played by way more than half a million players.' Newsgaming Team

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