Star Voyager Education Program

Alan Bean Takes Lunar Soil Sample
Alan Bean Takes Lunar Soil Sample. Image (c) NASA
As part of the Star Voyager exhibition, ACMI Screen Education is offering resources and events to explore space and the imagination.

The programmed educational events are valuable accompaniments to an exhibition visit or rich experiences on their own.

Contact ACMI Education for further information.

Please note all program bookings are now closed.

Exhibition Tours

Self-guided visits are available between 10am-1.30pm on weekdays at a cost of $9 per student. Educator-led tours are available at 10.30am, 11.30am and 1pm on weekdays at a cost of $15 per student (min 10 students). Ask about our special price when booking one of the following programs in conjunction with an exhibition visit.

Education Resource Kit

The Star Voyager Education Resource focuses on a number of exhibition highlights and provides a range of stimulating ideas, questions and activities for a deeper engagement with the themes and content of the exhibition.

Exhibition Activity Sheets

These activity sheets are designed to provide a structure for students visiting Star Voyager. The questions and activities focus on the science of space travel and its imaginative and documentary representation on screen.
Download activity sheets for Primary School [PDF 120KB] or Secondary School [115KB]


Animation Workshop

Stop Motion: with clay and 2D cut-outs
Wed 14 Dec, 10am-2.30pm
$480 (max 25 students)

This student workshop explores the way in which film and television shows have used stop-motion and special effects to represent space on screen. Participants will write, storyboard, create settings, mould and animate their clay figures to tell their own unique story of a mission to outer space.

Screen Talks

$10 per student. A minimum of 10 students are required for each session.

Reaching for the Stars
This session of clips and commentary explores the many ways that outer space and the universe have been imagined and depicted on film and television (min 10 students per session).

Program 1 (Years 2-4)
Tue 18 Oct, 10am-11am
Thu 24 Nov, 10am-11am

Program 2 (Years 5-6)
Wed 26 Oct, 10am-11am
Thu 24 Nov, 11.30am-12.30pm

Producing Sci-Fi
Fri 11 Nov, 10am-11.30am

In this program, students will be guided through a range of classic and more recent science fiction films and encouraged to identify the distinctive conventions, techniques and special effects associated with the genre. The program also explores the tradition of home-made sci-fi and suggests ways that students can make their own production. Suitable for Years 7-10.

Film Screenings

$10 per student. A minimum of 30 students are required for each session.

Zathura PG
Fri 21 Oct, 10am + Wed 23 Nov, 10am

Brothers Danny and Walter are flung into outer space when playing an old board game called Zathura. If they want to get home, they need to finish the game. This session includes a discussion of the ways that space has been imagined and explored in cinema. Suitable for Years 5 and 6.

In the Shadow of the Moon G
Thu 3 Nov, 10am

This highly acclaimed documentary explores the history of the space race. An introductory discussion places the film in context and explores the history and impact of the space race. This session is designed to give students a rich understanding of the dream and reality of space travel. Suitable for Years 7 to 11.

The Dish M
Tue 8 Nov, 10.30am

The screening of this quirky film about Australia's role in the telecast of the Moon landing is accompanied by a discussion of the space race and of the development of satellite communications technology. This program marks the 50th anniversary of the completion of the Radio Telescope at Parkes, which transmitted the signal that enabled 600 million people to watch the Apollo 11 moonwalk live on television. Suitable for Years 9, 10 and 11.

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy PG
Mon 14 Nov, 10am

After the Earth is destroyed by an intergalactic freeway, Arthur Dent finds himself roaming the universe with his alien best friend. The film uses familiar science fiction conventions and imagery to poke fun at the visionary dream of space exploration. This session includes an introductory discussion about the representation of space in popular culture. Suitable for Years 7 and 8.

Wall-E G
Fri 18 Nov, 10am

In this extraordinary computer-animated tale, a wide-eyed robot named Wall-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter-Earth Class) travels through space in search of a friend. The session includes an introductory presentation that focuses on space and the imagination. Suitable for Years 2-4.

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