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Setting the Scene Exhibition Catalogue

setting the scene exhibition catalogue
Edited by Alessio Cavallaro
Published: 2008
Publisher: Australian Centre for the Moving Image
40pp; colour paperback
ISBN 978 1 920805 26 5 


"As a production designer, the main challenge is making something imagined into something that's real - either pysically real, or 'real' on the screen. I love it when you can stand on the outside of a set that you've designed and built, and then step through the plywood doorway and be in a palace, a hovel, a church or a spacecraft without ever leaving the sound stage. That's one of the most magical things of all."
Owen Paterson, Production Designer (AUS) The Matrix trilogy

The War Room in Dr Strangelove; the Kit Kat club in Cabaret; the 'bullet time' sequence in The Matrix - many of the most iconic and memorable cinematic environments have been significantly shaped by film designers. As 'architects of illusion', film designers 'set the scene' for how the film will be visualised.

Focussing on the works of internationally acclaimed designers, the exhibition Setting the Scene: Film Design from Metropolis to Australia celebrates the key role of film designers in the history of cinema, from the 1920s to today.

With fascinating illustrations that look behind the scenes of the film production process, each of the essays collected in the exhibition catalogue examine the themes of the exhibition: Spaces of Power, Private Spaces, Labyrinth Spaces, Transit Spaces, Stage Spaces, Virtual Spaces, and Location Spaces.

With full colour photos and rare diagrams and illustrations from film production, the catalogue provides a rare insight into how film designers shape the dramatic, emotional and visual nuances of cinematic worlds.

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