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look both ways: daylight reverie

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Look Both Ways: Daylight Reverie

Look Both Ways: Daylight Reverie
Gary Simmons
ISBN 1 920805 16 8

AU$19.95 (inc. GST)

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ACMI celebrates a great Australian film in a new study guide for VCE students.

This guide is intended for both secondary students and teachers, but will also be of interest to tertiary students and members of the cinema-going public who want to dip into some of the film's processes and discourses.

Look Both Ways is one of the most engaging and successful of recent Australian films. Author Gary Simmons shows how its strength lies in the way the film seamlessly fuses its aesthetic and its ideas. The central characters of this award-winning film are revealed to be adrift in a world that has lost its shape and colour. Their abstracted dreams and memories have paralysed their minds and depressed their spirits.

Background information, interpretations, the author's detailed perspective on the film and analyses of segments of Look Both Ways are provided in this illustrated text. Suggested activities are also included which will enable students to further understand and discuss this complex film.

about the author

Gary Simmons was a teacher of English, literature and more recently the moving image. From 1992-94 he was Education Officer at the Victorian Association for the Teaching of English (VATE), and he taught at University High School in 1995-96 before undertaking postgraduate study in cinema studies. In 1999 he taught in a Junior College in Singapore and most recently worked as a Secondary Education Programmer at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, while working part time on his Master's degree exploring representations of masculinity in Australian film.

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